Customer Referral Program

GoLeafGo Customer Referral Program

Customer referral allows our brand to reach more people by turning our happy customers or business acquaintances into an army of advertisers, promoters, and supporters. As a professional service, GoLeafGo is aware of how powerful referrals can be for generating new customer acquisitions and keeping loyal clients. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. Word-of-mouth can improve marketing effectiveness by as much as 54%. Businesses using referrals as part of their regular marketing see conversion rates up to 70% higher, and they also report a 69% faster close time. The numbers speak for themselves. Clients trust referrals. Hearing positive things about a product or service has a significant impact on their decision.

Get referral ready
GoLeafGo has the right systems in place for managing new influx of interest, as well as a clear plan for sourcing and screening referrals.

Offer a special package

GoLeafGo can help referrals to give your company a shot. Our logistics of this package are organized so we create referral collateral. Build out specific marketing and sales collateral – emails, one-sheets, social media graphics, infographics, presentations – that can be used to answer referral questions. Our program will help you convert referrals to customers. Have a clear sales process in place to make sure referrals don’t get lost in the ether. Our organization works hard to cultivate a strong reputation by over delivering, adding value, and providing a friendly service for our referral program and encourage clients to leave online reviews or provide testimonials and case studies for ecommerce and websites.

Effective tactics to get more client referrals

Many business owners shy away from referral marketing because it’s something out of your direct control. It’s tough to have to rely on others, but with a clear process in place, our company will be able to transform your clients into referral machines.

Our coupon reward programs

With referrals you’re trying to get your clients to hunt out potential business for you with no direct benefit to themselves apart from a warm fuzzy feeling. While some people enjoy connecting others in their network, most will simply forget about sending referrals as they get busy with their own work. However, if your client gets something out of the arrangement (beyond the warm fuzzies), they will try. Once referrals are tied to a reward, you can transform your clients into referral machines. In the B2C marketplace, referrals often give clients discounts, free swag, vouchers, or items to collect.

Offer unique content

GoLeafGo presents your referring clients with content they can share with their customers or business networks. Sharing free content gives you a reason to contact referrers on a regular basis to keep your name front-of-mind, and it also helps you to build that authority and trust with potential prospects even before they’ve been officially referred.

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